We acknowledge the Yawuru people,
the traditional owners and custodians of the land
on which we work and learn together.

Broome SHS


School Board Members

Mathew Burt

, Principal

Mathew has been working in public education in Western Australia for 20 Years. He brings experiences from a variety of contexts including leadership roles at Warnbro Community High School and Rossmoyne Senior High School, as well as a variety of portfolios and acting Principal-ships at Atwell College, Como Secondary College and Fremantle College. Mathew is committed to education in Broome with vested interest having a wife teaching English and a daughter at Broome Senior High School and a son currently at Broome North Primary School. As the leader of Broome Senior High School Mathew understands the school’s role in the community and the importance of the cluster, as with strong schools we build a strong community.


Bethany Lawton

, Staff Representative

Bethany has been teaching at Broome Senior High School for five years. She has worked in Student Services as a Year Leader and is a specialist teacher in Dance, Health and Physical Education. Bethany is currently on maternity leave until May 2019 but has joined the School Board to ensure she can continue to have an active role in school processes, as well as provide a teachers voice to compliment the thoughts of the other members. Bethany loves working at Broome Senior High School. She says the staff are very supportive of one another and are heavily vested in the achievement of all students enrolled at the school. She even goes as far as to say it is the best school in the Kimberley, if not the world!

Renee Stones

, Staff Representative

Renee has lived in Broome since 1997, when she stopped here on a trip around Australia and never left. She has one child attending Broome Senior High School and works in the school as a School Officer in the Careers and Vocational Education team. Renee thinks that Broome Senior High School is a fantastic school with brilliant staff. She joined the board because she wanted to be more involved in this wonderful school and assist where she can to make the school even better than it already is.

Jacqui Mackay

, Board Chair and Parent Representative

Jacqui works with St John Ambulance and has been a qualified paramedic for over 25 years. Jacqui’s working life has been dominated by her Ambulance career, during which she has worked mainly in the Perth metropolitan area. She is the parent of one daughter and three sons with currently two sons attending Broome SHS, with one more boy to follow. She has a vested interest in education in Broome and is committed to it being the best in Western Australia. Jacqui believes it’s important to be involved with your own children’s education, which led to her become a member of the Broome SHS Board. When the position of Chair became vacant, Jacqui was drawn to it to further contribute to the school and develop her understanding of the public education system. Prior to moving to Perth from Geelong, Jacqui sailed many times on the STS Leeuwin, including voyages for disadvantaged youth and people with physical limitations.

Elisabeth Lucke

, Parent Representative

For over 35 years Elisabeth has worked in the advertising and media industries, in agencies, and as a consultant. In 1992 she moved to Broome, where she held the role of Kimberley Regional Manager for GWN7 for 19 years. She has been involved in the delivery of major cultural and community events, as well as dealing with businesses, government and community entities across the region. A Kimberley Development Commission scholarship enabled her to complete the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course several years ago. Elisabeth is parent to two children, both of whom are happily attending Broome Senior High School. She also serves on the Board of the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is a Justice of the Peace and is also involved in the strategic growth and delivery of the annual Careers Expo, hosted by Broome SHS in May each year.

Laura Handscombe

, Parent Representative

After arriving in the Kimberley as a backpacker in 1994, Laura has had a varied career working in horticulture, tourism, education, health promotion and primary health care. She has also been actively involved in junior sport and community events in Broome. Laura is currently the Primary Health Care Manager, Boab Health Services. Laura’s three children have been part of the public education system in Broome from Kindergarten to high school, with her eldest now studying Physiotherapy at university thanks to the amazing support of the staff at Broome SHS. Laura is extremely proud to have been part of the development of public education in Broome and in particular to have witnessed the transformation of Broome SHS to one of the top schools in the state.

Mark Pager

, Parent Representative

As a teacher for 27 years, 11 of those at Cable Beach Primary School, Mark has been heavily involved with the public education system. This is currently Mark’s second term as a parent representative and he has thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far. As a parent, he believes it is of upmost importance to become proactively involved with your children’s education. He has one daughter currently attending Broome SHS and last year his oldest graduated from the school. Mark is also currently the Vice President of the Broome Surf Club and has held that position for seven years. To Mark, it is very important to become proactive in the community as a volunteer as this links heavily to the ideals/values of a School Board and provides a wealth of skills and knowledge. He believes cross-community relationships are extremely beneficial to a school, School Board, its students and the education system.

Amanda Pember

, Parent Representative

Amanda has been a Broome resident for the last 16 years and has her own Accounting and Bookkeeping business, APM Accounting Services, She has three children who have all attended Broome Primary School, and her oldest is in Year 7 at Broome SHS this year. Her youngest is in Year 4 at Broome Primary. Amanda was interested in joining the School Board to learn more about the school and hopefully be able to make a positive contribution to the school.

Astrid Gerrits

, Parent Representative

Astrid is a Dutch woman happily living in Broome raising her 12-year-old daughter Joy solely. She has displayed an interest in parents and children throughout her professional career in various fields such as health/medical, justice, psychiatry/mental health and human services. Astrid currently works with families and children in various roles during her part-time work with Anglicare WA and is engaged in a variety of community groups. She has a passion for sustainability, community, health and food and thus can often be found in her garden where just about everything that grows is edible. Related activities may explain black rimmed nails and bird’s nest in her hair during meetings of any kind. Openness, forwardness and a liking to discuss everything to get the very best, varied and inclusive outcomes are both cultural and personal traits. If you ever have any questions, feel free to approach Astrid.

Gary Davies

, Parent Representative

Gary has been a Broome resident for over 12 years, and is a qualified Paramedic in his 22nd year of service to St John Ambulance. He has two daughters at Broome Senior High School. Gary was previously the president of Cable Beach Primary School council, and believes this has helped him gain some understanding of the many needs of the Broome community, particularly focussing on education. Gary brings to the School Board a wide and varied life experience. He has qualifications in small business management, human resource management and holds a degree in Paramedical Science. As a member of the School Board, Gary looks forward to the opportunity to serve the wider Broome community.

Kevin Hall

, Parent Representative

Kevin has one child attending Broome SHS and two other children who have graduated from the school. His family have lived in Broome for 13 years and he has been a Police Officer for 26 years. Kevin is passionate about contributing to the ongoing development of the youth of the Kimberley. He believes that education is the key to individual and community success and feels that his life skills and experience will benefit the School Board, school and education of all Broome students.

Tracey Taylor

, Parent Representative

Tracey has lived in Broome for about 10 years and has three handsome sons and one amazing daughter ranging in age from eight to 20 years. Her second eldest has started at Broome SHS this year. Tracey’s always been involved in various boards around Broome and enjoyed meeting like-minded people and getting to really know and understand what is happening in town. She has been so impressed with Broome SHS so far and is really looking forward to supporting the teachers and staff to continue doing the amazing work they do.

Bruce Gorring (Yawuru)

, Community Representative

Bruce is of Asian and European heritage. He is a product of Maitland (NSW) and spent his formative years in Albury/Wodonga (NSW/Victoria). Apart from a short sabbatical in Fremantle, Bruce has lived in Broome since 1998. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Geography and Sociology from the University of Newcastle and a Master of Social Sciences (Environment and Planning) from RMIT University. Bruce is profoundly interested in the reflexive relationship between ‘Country’, people and the sustainability of cultural and natural landscapes. This interest has influenced his professional career journey over time. In 2017, Bruce was appointed to the role of Assistant Manager of the Community Development Unit at Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd. He is an enduring member of Environs Kimberley and Theatre Kimberley and has served on their respective boards; is a member of the Editorial Board for the Australian Studies Centre at the Universitat de Barcelona; holds professional memberships to the Institute of Australian Geographers, the Royal Geographical Society of NSW, the Planning Institute of Australia; and was admitted into the Golden Key International Honour Society in 2013. Bruce has two daughters who attend Broome SHS.

Elaine Jolliffe (Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

, Community Representative

Broome Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer, Elaine Jolliffe has spent all of her life in economic development, education and training within remote regions of Northern Australia, and has vast experience in regional communities.  A parent of five, with her oldest at Broome Senior High School, Elaine is passionate about education, development and youth having the ability to be a part of Broome’s future economy.  As a representative of the Broome Business Community, Elaine will enable collaboration with local business partners to achieve positive outcomes for Broome Senior High School.

Rebecca Snowdon (North Regional TAFE)

, Community Representative

As North Regional TAFE’s Business and Community Development Manager for the Kimberley, Rebecca is heavily involved with the education system and in particular School Based Training, Aboriginal School Based Training, Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Vocational Education Training in Schools (VETiS). This is Rebecca’s first term as a community representative and she has thoroughly enjoyed her time on the board so far. As a parent of two daughters Rebecca believes it is vital to be proactively involved in a child’s education not only from a classroom, day-to-day, teaching approach but also from a whole facility approach including how best the educational community can work together to continue to strive in the provision of  first rate educational services and infrastructure for the benefit of the students. Rebecca is also a member of the Shire of Broome Economic Development Advisory Committee through her role with North Regional TAFE. As a career public servant at Federal, State and Local Government levels locally, and interstate, Rebecca has developed a key network of contacts from which she can draw on a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge to the benefit of the school community. Rebecca believes cross-community relationships are extremely vital to the success of the school, School Board, its students and the education system.