We acknowledge the Yawuru people,
the traditional owners and
custodians of the land on which
we work and learn together.

Broome SHS



In the Arts Learning Area, students will develop their knowledge and skills to plan, produce, present, design and perform, both independently and collaboratively. Year 7 students will participate in a rotational arts program encompassing Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. In Year 8, students will choose both one performance subject, (Dance, Drama, Music) and also select one visual subject (Media Arts or Visual Arts). In Years 9 and 10, students may choose to specialise in one or more arts areas in preparation for a range of senior school arts pathways on offer.  The Arts Learning Area offers a variety of extension activities, extracurricular performances and exhibition opportunities.


Students studying dance in lower school will develop their understanding of dance making approaches whilst developing their technical competence in relation to body control, accuracy, posture/alignment, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Dance genres that may be studied in the course include classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, funk, hip-hop and ballroom. While developing their dance terminology, students will analyse how the elements of dance and design concepts such as lighting, music, multimedia, costume, props and sets contribute to the overall meaning of a dance work. Students wishing to participate in the Act-Belong-Commit YOH Fest or Country Week Dance (a state-wide dance competition) need to be enrolled in lower school Dance courses to be eligible for the team.


Students will be given the opportunity to plan, develop and present drama to their peers while learning the conventions of drama and different forms and styles. They will work on self-confidence and physical performance skills through collaboration with others, improvisation and character work. Students will experiment with the elements of drama while developing their scriptwriting, performance and production role skills.  As performance is a key component of the course, students will be provided with multiple extension opportunities in a range of different contexts.

Media Arts

Students in Media Arts will create a number of media products including digital still photographs, audio arrangements, filming and digital photography. They will learn how to use a range of practical media equipment and editing software as well as learn how to navigate the current complex media environment they live in today. Students have the opportunity to view media work from contemporary and past times to explore different viewpoints while considering the impact, context and audience have on Media work.


Students selecting music in lower school will study areas of music theory, performing, recording, responding and evaluating contemporary music. It is a very practical and hands-on approach to music-making. Students listen to, and discuss music, using scores and music terminology to identify the use and purpose of music elements and key contextual and stylistic features. Students will have the opportunity to perform a range of solo and ensemble music to develop their awareness of musical expression. For those who wish to extend their skills, there are multiple performance opportunities within the school and in the community.

Visual Arts

In Visual Art, students combine various practical and conceptual aspects to produce their own unique, creative artworks. They will investigate visual representations, practices, processes and viewpoints from different times and cultures, and be given tools for interpreting and understanding historic and contemporary art. They will have the opportunity to extend their creativity through experimentation and develop their skills through supervised practice. Finally, students will design, create and evaluate their own pieces of art, and have the opportunity to exhibit their work to the school and wider community.


Students entering Year 11 have a choice of ATAR courses in Dance and Visual Arts; and GENERAL courses in Dance, Visual Arts and Media Production and Analysis. We are pleased to also offer a Certificate II in Music Industry Performance. Students should carefully select subjects that align with their preferred career or educational pathway, whilst considering prerequisite requirements for university or other registered training organisations.


Our purpose-built Performing Arts Centre constructed in 2014 with specialist facilities, has enabled the school to offer its students the most up-to-date resources in a professional learning environment that meets their needs. Students are provided with high-level performance opportunities throughout the school year.  Annual events presented at the Performing Arts Centre include; music concerts, school productions, dance and drama performances and a collaborative arts, design and technologies exhibition.

For more information about Arts subjects,
please see the Head of Learning Area ‚Äď Arts, Ms Naomie Hatherley.